PowerGrid Innovations: Transforming Industrial Energy Use

EcoTech Industries, a multinational manufacturing company, sought the expertise of PowerGrid Innovations to overhaul their energy storage systems. The focus was on implementing large-scale smart battery technology to improve energy efficiency and reduce carbon emissions. The test project resulted in a 30% reduction in energy costs and a notable decrease in the company’s carbon footprint. […]

BrightEnergy Storage: Powering Sustainable Homes

SunHaven Residences, a developer of eco-friendly homes, collaborated with BrightEnergy Storage to integrate smart battery systems in their residential projects. The goal was to optimize solar energy usage and storage. The test smart batteries provided homeowners with a reliable and efficient energy storage solution, significantly reducing electricity costs and enhancing sustainability. The project was a […]

Revolutionising Battery Tech in Transportation

GreenWheels Automotive, a leading electric vehicle manufacturer, partnered with EcoCharge Solutions to enhance their battery technology. The project involved developing a new smart battery system that could charge faster and last longer. The test results showed a 50% improvement in charging speed and a 40% increase in battery lifespan. This breakthrough enabled GreenWheels to launch […]

Coldplay Music of the Spheres World Tour Emissions Update

Coldplay shared an update on their “Music Of The Spheres Tour,” aiming to make it environmentally beneficial and cut direct carbon emissions by 50%. After the first year, assessed by Prof. John E. Fernandez of MIT, the tour produced 47% less CO2e emissions compared to their last tour. Although they see this as a positive […]

Touring Into The Future With Coldplay

From solar panels to recyclable batteries: the British band Coldplay is showing how sustainable and forward-looking a stage show can be on their current Music of the Spheres World Tour. The power for this is being provided by BMW, among others. The Sun, the Earth, and outer space have always held a certain appeal. The […]

Coldplay outline their sustainability goals and pledge to make their upcoming Music Of The Spheres Tour as sustainable and low-carbon as possible

ChatGPT The “Music of the Spheres” World Tour by Coldplay is committed to sustainability and low-carbon practices, adhering to principles of reducing consumption and emissions, reinventing green technologies, and restoring the environment. The tour aims to slash its direct emissions by over 50% compared to its 2016-17 tour, partnering with DHL for sustainable logistics. The […]

Massive Attack Unleashes Strategy to Cut Carbon Footprint in Music Sector

Massive Attack have released the findings of their partnership with the Tyndall Centre for Climate Change Research, proposing a course of action for the “urgent and significant reassembly” of the music industry to combat the climate crisis. Among the shifts required for “rapidly accelerated” progress are the immediate elimination of private jet use, a switch to electric […]

How events are contributing to deadly air pollution and what we can do about it 

The size of the problem Diesel fuel use is a major environmental and public health issue. The UK festival, live, and sports event industry uses a huge volume of diesel through the widespread use of generators at events. The emissions from this diesel burn have a large impact on the environment and human health… The […]