Power As A Service

Showpower applies an end-to-end power management approach that enables cutting-edge battery technology to scale up and power the world’s biggest shows, sustainably.

Key Features:

High capacity in small footprint > 1MW fits in the same footprint as a 10ft container

Flexible, modular, dynamic and reliable utilise the most efficient power mix available

Reduce/mitigate fuel consumption lowering costs, energy and harmful emissions.

90+ years of specialist experience in energy/power management for live events

Why Our Approach is Different

Our pioneering approach enables a 50-100% reduction of carbon emissions compared to diesel generators.  From power monitoring, analysis and consultancy to power system design, rental, implementation and onsite management, our PaaS approach ensure optimal, sustainable-first and reliable power for all large-live events

Power Inventory & Planning

Our engineering experts deploy advanced software conducting an inventory of the event’s power consumers to precisely anticipate power and energy

Smart Power and Energy Management Overview

Develop a smart a Smart Power Plan to accurately pinpoint your power needs and cost predictions before the event

Power Management & Consultancy

Source all materials to build your SmartGrid (inverter units, battery units, cables etc) and connecting them up to the available grid and sustainable energy sources

Implementation, Production & Management

Ensure the highest efficiency and reliability, guaranteed by our on-site and remote experienced engineers 24/7

Our Smartgrid manages all available power sources.

The Showpower SmartGrid offers a reliable, scalable system and enables 100% emission-free power. By centrally managing multiple power sources and storage solutions, we optimise energy use which results in a very reliable power supply and reduces up to 100% of energy-related emissions.

Our technology is the first in the world to achieve this centralised control.

Showpower Smartgrid biggest benefits

Emission Free

Our optimally balanced Smart Power Plan and unique energy management system connects to renewable power supplies resulting in emission-free energy to power events.

Flexible & compatible

A simple plug and play system, compatible with all rental specification generators, venue mains supplies and other (renewable) power sources. Integration of the various sources are managed and controlled by Showpower

Scalable & Redundant

Our system consists of modular 250kW units which can easily be synchronised to meet any energy and uninterruptible power requirements (N-1) , from a small event, to a world tour, to any major global event

Mobile & Transport

The system is built with global transportation in mind, both in terms of weight (< 2500 kg per unit) & compact dimensions for trucking, shipping and airfreight

Powerful and Modular

1MW (in steps of 250kW) fits in the same footprint as a 10ft container

High capacity, small footprint

Modular units are lighter and easier to transport.

Over twice the energy capacity of current providers

Efficient and Reliable

First provider to run batteries in parallel

World-first, grid scale features in a transportable, compact system

Fully redundant n-1 system

100% uptime


Unlike other event power and equipment suppliers, we charge a flat rate for the power supply (including the power availability and consumed energy) based on a detailed Smart Power Plan for every client.

Each event has unique power requirements depending on size, location, budget and ambitions, and using our specialist knowledge and previous experience, we can forecast an accurate €/kWh rate.

As the price of grid power (€/kWh) is mostly lower than the price of diesel generator power (€/kWh), our flat rate can’t be compared like for like with the traditional rates of diesel generators, as the power and fuel costs are charged after the event/show based on the real consumption.

Showpower aims to compete on our expert services, 50%-100% carbon emission savings, energy reduction & efficiency (in contrast to competitors) and extremely reliable power supply & service.