Massive Attack Unleashes Strategy to Cut Carbon Footprint in Music Sector

Showpower is very happy to see Coldplay’s latest Tour Emissions Update that highlights that direct carbon emissions from the first two years of their tour are 59% less than their previous stadium tour (2016-17), achieving their pledge to reduce direct carbon emissions by at least 50%.
And with this announcement, Showpower can now officially say that our SmartGrid prototype designed and developed with the band, their production team, BMW, ZAP Concepts and Hope Solutions, powered 18 of Coldplay’s 2023 stadium shows entirely using the battery system.
This incredible achievement clearly proves the reliability, mobility and efficiency of the SmartGrid system and the possibility that all touring artists and stadium events can be powered with100% emissions-free power in the future.
We’re looking forward to re-joining the tour again for the 2024 tour dates and continuing our mission to phase out diesel generators  and enable all large-scale events to be powered with 100% emissions free power.