Showpower CEO Paul Schurink and ZAP Concepts Director Rob Scully included in Music Experts & Veterans Advisory Committee

Coldplay performing live

Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s Environmental Solutions Initiative (MIT ESI), with the support of Coldplay, Warner Music Group (WMG), Live Nation, and Hope Solutions, has announced the assembly of an advisory committee as it enters the next phase of its Assessment Report of Live Music and Climate Change in the US and the UK.

This newly selected advisory committee will be made up of over 50 members with assorted, specialised expertise in live music and the event industry, as well as academia, and includes Showpower CEO Paul Schurink and ZAP Concepts Director Rob Scully, both global leaders in sustainable power system design, implementation and management for large-scale events.

Members of the committee were selected based on their individual areas of expertise across core areas which include, but are not limited to, venue management, tour management and production, artist relations, and sustainability. Their insights, data and expert perspectives will bolster the comprehensiveness and effectiveness of the overall report, ensuring that the proposed strategies are relevant and practical in implementation, thereby enhancing the potential to drive meaningful change across the live music industry.